The four legged, and most important members of my team...

After all, its because of them it all started.




The Boss

6 year old golden retriever, my 'golden boy'

Obedient, fearless, loyal, delegates but knows how to get the job done...a true leader!



The Heavy loader

3 year old Great Dane, my 'Momma's boy' and general Doofus.

Willing, scared of his own shadow, loyal, hard worker but getting the job done usually means more work for momma. Always on the go in a slightly 'dizzy' fashion...



The Herder

11 year old Aussie Shepherd/ Corgi, my 'Grand-doggy & Princess'

Glued to my side loyal, very hard working, permanent worried look on her face, but she's really just making sure everyone is where they should be. Total nutjob in the most lovely princess way.



The Original Boss

Great Dane/German Shepherd, my 'Gentle Giant'Crossed rainbow bridge and sadly no longer with us but was part of the original team.

Obedient, loving, a massive heart, all round great boy that kept all the other dingbats in line!