Lisa Morrissey

I have always been creative, arts and crafts at home and school, academics was never really my thing! my confidence grew when I had created something with my hands.

After high school I trained to be a pastry chef, my creativity in sumptuous edible form.

Fast forward many years to include emigrating to Canada, being a stay at home mum, raising three wonderful children, decorating many homes and enjoying another outdoor passion of gardening, to where I am now.

After a prolonged period of dealing with a serious illness, I one day started to mess around with some wood I found whilst out walking my dogs. I found that taking a dirty, fallen branch and working with it to reveal its inner beauty was incredibly therapeutic. The whole process became my 'therapy' and still is.

I never intended it to be anymore than a hobby and a relaxing outlet, but piece after piece given to friends, then purchased after my initial craft show, encouragement and support from people around me led me to believe I could really let me creativity soar.

I choose to see the beauty in everything.

I see old wood as I see 50 I have cracks, scratches, scars, I've seen and done many things that haven't always been kind to my body, but here I am. There is more to everything than what we see on the outside, see the beauty within. Always look for new experiences, new ways to grow and learn.

Like the reclaimed and old wood I use, sometimes we just need a fresh start and a new purpose. 

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